Bayou- A Taste of New Orleans in DC


This Mother’s Day was wonderful of course.  As most do, we decided to do brunch.  We ended up at one of our favorite restaurants that we haven’t been to in a very long time.  Bayou.  Bayou is the most unpretentious place you can imagine and very kid friendly, which works for me because I have some very active kids lol.  So me, hubby, the kids and MIL all arrive. Mom and I are given flowers by our waitress and also informed that we can have all the mimosas and sparkling wine we want on the house.  BAM! That’s how you celebrate moms lol!  Next, as I gaze over the menu I am at a loss on why it has been so long since we have been here.  There are so many items on the menu I remember wanting to try.  We once came here with a couple from New Orleans and they gave Bayou their stamp of approval.  If you know anyone from New Orleans then you know how discerning and particular their palate’s can be! Yet Bayou is deemed as authentic as you can get.  So I am sitting there panicking because I want it all. I want the shrimp and grits, the oyster and shrimp poboy, the bananas foster French toast, the jambalaya, the bread pudding……. Do you see where this is going?  I could go on and on.  This is a nightmare for a greedy indecisive libra such as myself.  AHA!!! I have an idea, per my usual I will just get some of everyone else’s food.   So I order the Grand Marshall- eggs benedict on top of fried green tomatoes and fried oysters and tasso ham.  I have never had eggs benedict in my life but that is how much I trust this place.   I was not disappointed! Well that is a lie.  I was disappointed in myself for not even being able to finish half!!!! The portion was awesome.  Mom’s jambalaya was a perfect blend of spicy and savory and she didn’t mind sharing with me.  I highlight her sharing because someone at the table did NOT share.  My husband!!!! Now this is how I know he thinks a dish is delectable. He loves me- this I know and because of that he usually shares down to his last bite.  And he knows how I love dishes like pancakes and French toast.  Well he ordered that bananas foster French toast and ate every bite of it and didn’t even look my way until it was done!!!! If we had been anywhere else I would have been mad.  But I know that when you have food as good as it is at Bayou, you cannot be held accountable for your actions.

So if you like New Orleans fare please, please don’t miss out on this unassuming yet colorful restaurant.  There is live music on Friday and Saturday nights,  and a Happy Hour to die for with $2 PoBoy sliders! A taste of New Orleans while staying put in the nation’s capitol.

2519 Pennsylvania Ave, NW


Bayou1 Bayou2 Bayou3 Bayou4 Bayou5

Pictures courtesy of Bayou’s website


P.S.  I do believe May’s Monthly Mashup  will include the bread pudding from here.


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