Central Michel Richard- A Ladies’ Night to Remember



Recently I was invited out for a night on the town with some really exciting girl friends.  This post will be about the dinner and drinks.  No one needs to know what else happened after that lol. Just joking, we are a fairly tame bunch.  But after dealing with the demanding opinions of about 8 different women, my girlfriend Kesha finally made the executive decision and elected Central -Michel Richard. Well I was of course ecstatic as Central offers a fare of American fused with….. you guessed it, French!!!  Central has been voted one of the top 10 restaurants in DC  by The Washingtonian and given 3 out of 3 stars by the Washington Post.

We arrived at the restaurant on time for our 8 pm reservation. ALL OF US were on time. That only happened because Kesha told us our reservation was at 7:30. GENIUS!!!!!  Well for a group of women to all be timely for their reservation is a feat in itself.  However the restaurant was not prepared for this.  We weren’t seated at our table until 9pm.  Now of course this was unacceptable, however I will say the staff tried ambitiously to make it up to us. They covered our entire bar tab (an hour’s worth of drinking and snacking), and they provided us with a few bottles of champagne.  Let me take the time to note that the bartender was awesome. Attentive, fun and creative!!!!

When we were finally moved to our table it was surprisingly a good one.  Considering we’d been drinking for an entire hour, I assumed they might seat us somewhere obscure for fear of us being a bit tipsy lol.  The most important thing about these blogs is the food. Is it good? Is it worth it? My opinion is yes; this place is. We each ordered probably 4 different dishes and I was allowed to try each for blogging purposes of course!

My favorite dish was the roasted chicken. First off I am not a fan of chicken.  Central changed that. The chicken was so succulent and seasoned extremely well. I honestly think it was the best dish on the table.  A close second was the ribeye. *Sigh* Again succulence is the name of the game. You almost didn’t even need a steak knife to cut it.  I ordered the scallops and they were sufficient. Nothing to write home about.  Another memorable dish were the brussels sprouts and bacon.



The service was above average but not impeccable. Possibly because the restaurant was pretty filled to capacity and it seemed that there were many celebrations going on.  I will definitely give this place another go especially because the brunch menu looks to be just my speed! And don’t forget- DC Restaurant Week   is January 19-25.

our table privacy

Central- Michel Richard

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20004


(Pictures courtesy of Central Michel Richard)


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