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Let me start by apologizing for my lengthy absence.  Autumn is a very very busy time for me.  Between celebrating ALL of the men in my life, birthdays, an intense football schedule for my middle child, grad school, and germy season for the little baby, I have had very little time to travel and report back my trysts in my beloved city.  Please don’t fire me.  I really do mean well.  Baby Luc is now all better so I have a bit of time (16 minutes exactly) to blog.

Today’s blog is about Civil Cigar Lounge.  Ever since I was a girl I have loved the smell of pipes and cigars.  The rustic aroma was always inviting and usually was accompanied by the hearty laughter and comradery of older men enjoying each other’s company.  So when I found out how much my now husband likes cigars I was ecstatic.  We even shot half of our engagement photos in Shelly’s Back Room Tavern- a landmark in DC.  I absolutely love Shelly’s.  I even purchased my husband a humidor for a year there.  We had only been dating a year and the owner was so impressed he came out of the back office to see who this woman was buying a humidor for a boyfriend.  He promptly told me “that man had better marry you”.  Well that man did and here we are years later. We do still love Shelly’s and occasionally go however with a young baby in the home we are very cognizant of bringing the smell of cigars home on our clothing.  Enter CIVIL Cigar Lounge.  My husband told me about this new cigar lounge he wanted to try and about its state of the art ventilation system. Blah blah blah.  Every cigar lounge has state of the art ventilation right? I mean they want you to enjoy your cigars without killing yourself right.

Well hubby and the fellas actually went one night and when he came home I didn’t believe he actually went because low and behold there was not even a little odor of cigar on him.  I had to see this place for myself.

Civil – brought to you by the owners of W. Curtis Draper Tobacconists- a 125 year old Cigar Store- is a sexy small plate lounge in Chevy Chase.   Get this- the state of the art ventilation system replaces 100% of the air every 2 minutes!!!  It houses an elegant wine room drenched in opulence. Victorian wall paper, high backed leather chairs, and floor to ceiling windows.  It reminds you of a man-cave but a very polished sexy one that women want to enjoy as well

The cost to lease a locker is $1,000. This is pretty much the standard market rate.  With your lease you get:

  • Personalized cedar locker
  • 10% off of retail purchases
  • Exclusive box of cigars
  • $50.00 Food & Drink gift card to be used in the lounge
  • And best of all Private dining rooms with no rental fee!

So if you enjoy a good cigar, I encourage you to give Civil a shot.  Oh yeah they have great drinks (shots) as well.  Make an entire evening of it and have dinner at the critically acclaimed “Range” restaurant adjacent to Civil.  Reservations for both are strongly recommended.

Civil Cigar Lounge

5335 Wisconsin Ave NW #200, Washington, D.C. 20015
(202) 364-0800

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  1. well damn.. I may have to go visit this spot!!! we both love a good cigar so this is on the list.. thank you!

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