Claudia’s Steakhouse- and All That Jazz

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Say what you like but I am a big fan of ambiance. Grant it the food has to be good too, but I would be a liar if I said I won’t pay for ambiance. I mean the bulk of my day is spent dragging kids out of bed, chasing a diaper less baby, arguing about why an 11 year old can’t go out on dates, cooking and cleaning, and fighting for a seat on the metro. By golly I deserve a little ambiance!!! So when we walked into Claudia’s Steakhouse, I was pretty floored by the reception. You are flooded with white decor and lighting (yeah I will never have the luxury of white couches in my home!). And the most soothing jazz voice singing on stage. It’s like if heaven has a jazz club, this must be what it’s like. As you take in the decor you are greeted by the host and hostess. These two were so refreshing from the normal tight lipped self- important staff that you tend to bump into in DC. You guys know I’m chatty Kathy and they never seemed to mind. Initially I wanted to sit in the back to be away from the “noise” but changed my mind as I continued to listen to the melodious voice coming from the stage. The staff was accommodating.

Our server was very attentive without hovering. I love attention but if I have a hoverer that expects me to smile in acknowledgement after every bite- I get a stomach ache.  I loved the spin on traditional chips and salsa. The chopped salad was divine. The steak was cooked to perfection as I requested medium. The only thing I’d change is next time I will ask for it cooked without any sauce. And the sorbet was taste bud awakening.  But my favorite was the wine selection. I got my fave cabernet by Freak Show.

The Jazz singer, Sharon Raquel, even took a request from me and sang The Look of Love (Diana Krall’s version).

I enjoyed myself and my husband so much that on our way home all I wanted to listen to was Diana Krall and stay in the mood Claudia’s help get me in to. Because like clockwork as soon as we opened the door to the house, the baby woke up screaming, the pre-teen was still not in bed but watching TV, the dog was barking (oh wait we don’t have a dog).  So you know what? I will pay for a bit of ambiance for 2 hours any day of the week.



1501 K Street, NW

Washington, DC 20005



Sharon Raquel

Jazz Singer




  1. This was an AWESOME write-up and this place was GREAT and will recommend to all my friends and colleagues

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