DC’s Favorite Foodie- Nini Jin

niniI recently had the opportunity of interviewing one of my favorite people.  She’s kind, she’s super talented (photography) and she has impeccable taste in food.  Meet Nini.   She hates that I use the term foodie to describe her, and argues that she’s simply a girl that likes to eat!  Read on to see where she likes to appease her palate in DC and nearby areas!


Its cold outside. You’ve had a less than enchanting day.  Your blow dryer went out, your coworker spilled coffee on your suede shoes and your boss was in a funky mood.  Where do you go for some good ole comfort food?

Beau Thai. They deliver to my place and they are super cheap (10-12 dollar meals). They have this yellow curry noodle bowl that is out of this world!


4 stars out of 289 reviews



Your best friend just got a promotion.  Where do you go where the food is great and has a celebratory vibe?

TICO dc. They are a tapas place that has super tasty (and affordable) places and great drinks.


4 stars out of 537 reviews



I need great drinks.  Food is my secondary concern.  Where would you suggest?

Fainting Goat/Chaplins/Mulebone all have great HH drinks and they are all within a 7min walk from each other.



Dessert!!!! A night of dessert where are you going?

Baked and Wired in Georgetown not only have amazing cupcacks and desserts, they have coffee to go along with that.


4.5 stars out of 2961 reviews



It’s 3am you and your girls have just partied up a storm.  If you don’t put something in your belly though you might end up the next Facebook Meme. Where do you go for some good greasy sobering food?

Ohhs and Ahhs (soul food) has a late night menu. Love their wings, mac and cheese and fried shrimp.



As in Cuban? The best Cuban restaurant in DC is Mi Cuba Café.


4.5 Stars out of 365 reviews


But if you are talking Jamaican, ever since that place on Georgia ave/New Hampshire closed down, I go to a little mom and pop store called Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant


They aren’t too well known but that’s cause they recently opened and they are located in upper northwest (on Georgia Ave.)

4 Stars out of 41 reviews




Pho Sate. It’s all the way out in Falls church and don’t go for the ambiance, go for the food lol. It’s super authentic and the line is out the door.


4 Stars out of 520 reviews




Pupatella! It is literally THE BEST Pizza I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of pizza. They are in Arlington but they make all of their pizza fresh and they have their own Neapolitan styled dough and oven.


4.5 Stars out of 1397 reviews



Hands down what is your favorite eatery/restaurant in the DMV?

This is hard to say because my favorite type of food changes depending on my mood or the distance it is to get to said food. So if I was to think of a restaurant that has great breakfast, great lunch, great dinner, and a wide variety of drinks and food and dessert. Then I think it should go to Farmer Fishers and Bakers.


4 Stars out of 1810 reviews






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