DC’s Rooftop Pools- Ear Hustling This One’s for You Mags

Donovan house palomar pool Vida fitness


Recently, I was in the dressing room at one of my favorite boutiques, where I overheard a conversation between two young ladies.  I swear I wasn’t eavesdropping as my husband often accuses me.  I just can’t help that I have excellent hearing.  So one of the young ladies was expressing how she was bummed out because she’s new to the area and didn’t celebrate her usual party like she does back home because DC  hotels don’t have rooftop pools like she is accustomed to back home.  “NOT TRUE” I interjected from behind the closed door.  As I apologetically butt into their conversation, I burst out of the fitting room.  And they laugh and aren’t offended at all by my nosiness.  So I promise them that I would do a blog about rooftop pools in DC.  SO here we go

The Donovan House (a swanky personal favorite of mine)

1155  14th Street, NW

Doubletrees Guest Suites

8010 New Hampshire Ave, NW

Embassy Row Hotel

2015  Massachusetts Ave, NW

Holiday Inn Central

1501  Rhode Island Ave, NW

Holiday Inn Capitol (seasonal)

550 C Street, SW

Hotel Palomar (another swanky fave)

2121 P Street, NW

L’Enfant Plaza Hotel

480 L’Enfant Plaza, SW

Liaison Capitol Hill ( I will actually be going here for Rooftop yoga with Kim Da Soulful Yogi next week)

415 New Jersey Ave, NW

Vida Fitness Penthouse Pool and Lounge

1612 U Street, NW




  1. Hi Kyani, just a suggestion: it may help to clarify the pool situation, because in many cases, you cannot just walk into the pool and lay out at your leisure. For example, Liason charges $25 for the day, Vida Penthouse you must have a membership except for rare specialty events, cabana purchase, or attendance with a member, and Hotel Palomar is strictly for the guests, which is probably the case at many of the others as well. The only “open” pool environments, rooftop or otherwise, would be DC public pools or Capital Skyline’s pool party on Sunday’s. Hope this helps clarify and have an awesome day, thanks!

    • Thank you so much! It never occurred to me that one might think these venues were just free and open without restrictions. You’ve done me the favor of spelling them out. So thanks again!

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