Fashion Friday – A Recap

I am almost a week late with this recap but sue me!  I had technical difficulties.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  I won’t type too much-I’d rather let the pictures tell a story. The evening was filled with fashion, fun and family. I am totally geeked that I am related to one of DC’s sensational designers, Tashia Senn who brought her fashionable baby girl Zoë out to the evening’s events with us.  We started at Taylor and York, the chic beauty salon in the heart of the city.  Here we listened to the lively Monica Barnett read excerpts from her book “Without Saying a Word”.  Number 1 if you do not have this book you need to purchase it NOW.  It’s available on amazon. 2 if you ever get the opportunity to meet with Monica, you must!! She has a larger than life personality that you just can’t help but absorb a bit of.  I found myself cracking up.  Did I mention that she also, as usual, looked amazing?  She manages to do so in a way that is not intimidating and effortless.

Next we mosied on over to the Renaissance Washington DC for Runway Moms for a Cause where the feature designer was L-Shandi creator Lara Akinsaya.  This year’s show was to benefit the organization “KIDSAVE”.  There were so many cute baby girls modeling that we almost forgot we were there to see the Moms.  The runway as rocked by local power moms which included Monica Byrd of Baby Bash and Bling and R&B artist Sole.  Baby Zoë must be in the show next year!!! Please check out her little Chanel inspired suit!

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