Fatherhood, Jack Rose, and a Bottle of Scotch


As you all know, Father’s Day recently passed, and the men in my husbands circle took an opportunity to bond as fathers, god fathers, uncles etc. I thought a great place for them to do this would be Jack Rose Dining Saloon.  I’ve yet to step foot in there but from what I’ve heard it’s like a man cave away from home.  So since I’ve yet to go I thought who better to write a review on it than one of the dads.  Below is his synopsis of their experience.  Thank you so much Rasaan J!




Fatherhood, Jack Rose and a Bottle of Scotch

Ahhh fatherhood… the amalgamation of titles and duties from diaper changer to chauffer, even afternoon tea-time guest. Yet through it all one thing is for sure, every daddy needs his time away.  So what better place to gather the masses of thirsty men yearning to submerse themselves in the sweet nectar of tantalizing libations in celebration of that great time of year we call Father’s Day, then a stylish metropolitan bar? This year for Father’s Day my best friend’s wife treated him and all the wonderful fathers in his circle to an evening of conversation and male bonding at Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

Sure it sounds like something out of a Wyatt Earp film, but Jack Rose is not your ordinary run of the mill wild west watering hole. The Jack Rose Dining Saloon greets you at the foot entrance of Adam’s Morgan in Washington, DC. The establishment was built inside of a former boxing gym so you know they mean business. And that’s just the kind of environment my cohorts and I need after long hours of “Daddy Duty”.


This homage to all things whiskey impresses even the most devote drinker with an extensive inventory of more than 1,000 bottles of Scotch… and just on the left side of the room.

If scotch isn’t your thing, you have plenty of non-scotch options to wet your whistle, including a full selection of bourbons, rye whiskies, craft beer, and cocktails. The liquor display actually covers three walls around the first floor dining room. The display brings Jack and Beanstalk to minds as you watch the bartenders use special rolling ladders to reach the top shelf bottles. Jack Rose is the go to spot if you want to explore the array of Domestic, Irish and Whiskeys.


With over a 1000 options to choose from and a whiskey list as thick as a dictionary a brotha can kind of get a whelmed. But the beauty of Jack Rose is their awesome staff who is ready to walk you through your whiskey journey.  Once our group of Fathers sat down we were greeted by our own whiskey specialist who was ready to answer any question we may have had…. And I had plenty. Rather than slapping down $25 or more on a shot we opted for the sample tasting which ran each of us about $35, but gave us a chance to try 6 different selections.



Sure Jack Rose is a liquor haven, but they’re no slouch in the kitchen either.  Unlike their whiskey list, their dinner menu is small and compact. The last thing you want is confusion when trying to enjoy a nice clean glass of your favorite single malt. After we finished off our meals, we were able to enjoy our glass with a cigar on the third floor open-air balcony while taking in the NBA Finals on their many flat screen TVs.


Dads work hard so in turn we should get to play hard and Jack Rose just happens to be a nice, mature playground.  Even though this place could be called a man’s “man-cave” away from home it’s still sexy and swanky enough to make the cast of Sex in the City come back for more.

Well I’ve lived in this city for nearly 15 years and I must say, you’re killing’em Jack Rose… you’re killing’em. This place is hands down the best bar in DC and Father’s Day just wouldn’t have been the same without it!???????????????????????????????


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  1. Looking good fellas! Thanks for being awesome dad’s and supporters to the village raising our precious sons and daughters! I’m sending an extra special hug and kiss to my baby daddy/hubby, Eliott…XOXO

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