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I was recently asked to compile a list of fun things to do on dates in DC that don’t center around sitting and eating at a restaurant or going to an AMC theater. And the title of this blog is misleading.  It isn’t just for first dates, but for anyone wanting to enjoy the company of someone special.  Now there are a million things to do in DC so the following blog just scratches the surface.  However,  the experiences listed below are really exciting.  I selected activities that will hopefully be new to you as studies have shown that people that experience something new together tend to bond more!


The Playboy/ Playgirl- H Street Country Club

Referred to as “The Playground for Adults” you can play a round of mini golf in DC’s only indoor mini golf course.  The quirky holes of course include DC’s monument replicas, zombie politicians (you mean to tell me there is another kind)  and row houses.  There is also Skeeball (I’m a beast in this game,) Xbox Kinect, and table games.  And drinking.  I know I was asked to compile a list that didn’t include the intake of anything gestational- but I wouldn’t be me if I left out drinks.  (Possibly because I am drinking right now as I type this).

Address: 1335 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Phone:(202) 399-4722


H Street

  The Music Lover-  Jazz and Cultural Society should be your next stop

So by now I know we are all mostly aware that Bohemian Caverns is closing.  I shed a tear.  One of the reasons I didn’t move back to Florida after undergrad was because of the wonderful times I’ve had there.  But DC has seen the birth of what is sure to be heralded as a must see jazz spot for years to come.  JACS- Jazz and Cultural Society.  The music is captivating and the staff is oh so warm and friendly.  You and your date are sure to be in a great mood once you leave.  And it’s in one of my favorite areas in all of DC not yet scorned – well not completely by the gentrification the city is seeing/ has seen.

2813 12th Street NE




For my Soulful Crew -Meridian Hill Drum Circle

For over 5 years Meridian Hill Park has been the heartbeat of drummers and dancers.  It started as a soulful outlet for African Americans the week of Malcolm X’s assassination.  “It started as a spiritual revival ,” says Bill “Babalu” Caudle who has drummed there since the early 1970’s.  I have taken my 2 year old to drum circles with Babalu and he is always consumed with the music.  Today the circle has expanded to rainbow of people, from music enthusiast, to yoga and dance enthusiast.     A jamboree of sorts.

2400 15th St, NW


Meridian HillMeridian Hill 2

The Novice Photographer-Monuments and Memorials Photo Safari

Want to try your hand at photography and see what you can create? Try this photo tour led by architectural photographer E David Luria  as he provides you with tips on composition and lighting.  This is something I MUST try- the fact that you will have photos to remember this date by is really awesome.


The Foodie- Let’s Get Cooking

DC offers a plethora of cooking classes. That are really quite fun.  I once took a class that involved making pasta from scratch.  By the end it looked like an episode of something gone wrong on I Love Lucy. But the wine made it worth it and instead of eating my own I ate the dish of the friends I made in the class.  And once there was a rebellion as the vegans (80% of the class were vegans because they thought butternut squash meant no meat involved) threatened to hurt the chef if he didn’t come up with a recipe that didn’t involve maple smoked bacon.  I was soooo ready to put a video on world if they had beat him up!.   So grab your partner sign up for a class and leave your expectations at home.


Sur la tanle


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