J’adore DC Happily Brings You- MONTHLY MASHUPS

Ok, so not only is this blog about everything to love about DC it is about the Best of the Best in DC (and surrounding areas).  So I have decided to have monthly competitions to find the best of ….. well everything.  I will pick everything from certain dishes, to best dj’s, to best venues etc.  And the most fun part is I want to invite some of you to join me on these excursions!  I mean if I am searching for the best chocolate cake, unless I have someone to help me taste, I am going to blow up! Feel free to leave a comment on what things or places you want compared.  I am already thinking- martinis, cappucino’s, dj’s, boutiques, pizzas etc!

So the first Monthly Mashup is in May and we will be on the prowl for the best bread pudding in the DMV.  If you know where to tell people to get great bread pudding, the the power of the world rests in your hands!!!  Let’s get it!



  1. Ok I will keep you guys posted!I will email you the next tasting. And I must go find out abt this pudding food truck. Hmmmmm

  2. I have tasted the bread pudding at “The Matchbox”….really good!

    • Really!!??? I would have never guessed. I am going to make sure we try it!

  3. I’ll make an exception for YOU since bread pudding isn’t a part of my current plan. Ben’s Next Door has a great one!

    • Kimberly your selflessness is awe inspiring lol! Xoxoxo I can’t wait!

  4. Copper Canyon in Downtown Silver Spring has amazing bread pudding!

  5. I’m not a big fan of bread pudding, but Busboys and Poets is pretty good.

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