J’ADORE DC Chats with DC’s “IT” Girl


ChiChi Enendu is The “IT” Girl.  Globe trotter, celebrity stylist, and just all around beautiful spirit, when ChiChi enters a room you automatically know shes the “IT” girl.  You may not even be sure what “IT” is  exactly but you know she has it!

Where do you go to let your hair down and dance?

I’m big “house music fan” because its so relaxing and it has a way of taking me out of my city without the airfare. But then there are times when I just wanna dance to reggae and get sweaty. Im foreign decent so I love drums and heavy beats. So wherever you can find a DJ that can hang with that vibe I’m there. DC is an international lovers oyster…from U street to K St , its all here.  18th Street Lounge is always a good choice.

Would you say DC is a stylish City?

Honestly, it depends on where you go in DC. I frequent Georgetown and I see the most amazing fashion. DC hosts so many different types of people. Whether it be the  housewife, the sexy young intern, the international college rich kid, or the working woman, fashion is all around DC , and its inhabitants spare no expense when it comes to it.

If I am in a pinch and need an outfit for a haute party – where
would you suggest I go to shop?

I always say, “when in doubt, go to intermix.” Intermix is my all around “go to” fashion house especially for when I have a last minute outing and need to look amazing. They have so many day to night pieces in a small setting that make it easy and not overwhelming to shop through and find the right thing for many different occasions. I love transition pieces because I get more bang for my buck with multiple uses of my puchases. You can go there and find a nice dress for a company party and also find accent pieces so that if you want to head out for drinks later that night you can add them and look like you dressed specifically for that. I stand by Intermix.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
Filomena Ristorante
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