J’Adore DC Chats with Our Favorite Gentleman of Leisure



Rodney Buck Herring is a multi- faceted man. Connector, artist and ‘gentleman of leisure’, he has major insight into the social happenings in DC.  As a self employed graphic designer, he has also run a Live Art Painting team and now is one of the familiar faces of Adrinkwithfriends: THE PREMIER DC party for music lovers, that’s held at the Old Engine 12.

It’s Thursday night your week has been winding down and its been a
long one. As a man of leisure where do you go to unwind like a man

I would start out at Hanks on the Hill. They’ve got Jameson literally on tap. I said on “TAP”! After that I might make way over to Kapnos to think out a few things (Thanks Mary Kelly) and then turn right back around and hit Copy Cat (shout out to Rob) late to get a good eye full of beautiful women enjoying cocktails.

Sounds like a hell of a night! LOL

What song says DC to you?
LOL I think you know you’re in DC if you here any Frankie Beverly and Maze song or Chuck Brown.

Where do you go for comfort food in DC?
Mandu, because Danny’s mother still works in the kitchen sometimes and the Dak JJim is hella simple and hella good. The idea of comfort food shouldn’t be based on what kind of food you’re eating, but who you are eating it with and how does it make you feel. I honestly feel like I’m sitting down with family when I eat at the bar.

Impala, because that’s basically become my home away from. I can sit down and grub on basically anything Troy brings out of the kitchen.

Any advice for tourists visiting the city?
Like the rest of the world, things are changing for the better. The opportunities to enjoy yourself in this city are now left up to you. It’s less about where you can’t go and all about where you want to go. Take your time and enjoy each bar, restaurant, club or whatever with a relaxed vibe. Take it all in. Ask questions, take recommendations, order something you’ve never had before, be patient, breathe it all in.



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