J’adore TV – The Home and Lifestyle Edition Pt. 1

I know I usually cover the places to eat, party, take your kids but truly the place we spend most of our time is our home.  I wanted to make sure I cover issues that can help make your home a place of solace, or entertaining, or whatever you want.  So I came up with the Home Lifestyle Edition of J’adore DC TV.  I also want to use this as a platform for local business owners to connect to you. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing two of DC’s premier business owners.  Watch the videos to see what they have to say.

Sofale- is the Owner of Sofale Artistic Designs.  She is an artistic designer that makes magical transformations in your home or office. She offers artistic interior/exterior design, color consultation, original wall art, commissioned fine art, restoration/renovation, and personal shopping.  I was delighted to actually interview her from one of her project kitchens. What I really enjoyed about this interview is that you can almost feel the warm creative energy exude from her person.  It made me want to create something on the spot!  And we actually did!!! We used the opportunity to create a delectable meal with Chef Lisa Michelle.

Chef Lisa Michelle is the Owner and Head Chef of Evolve Catering.   I would describe Lisa’s food as innovative yet authentic.  She takes whatever fare you desire but puts a spin on it that is relevant to your specific wants and needs.  For instance, we were doing a Caribbean meal but she knows I love cupcakes.  So she came up with a recipe that included plantains in the banana rum cupcakes.  DIVINE!!!!  Not only does Chef Lisa do catering but if you ever want to plan a romantic dinner for your significant other, she is the one you want to call.  She comes with not only great food but a wonderfully warm personality! I’ve used Chef Lisa for baby showers and social brunches.  She is always amazing and a pleasure!

So be on the look- out for this three part series (Parts 2 and 3 will be posted soon).  We cover how to make Caribbean rum punch, walk you through making a divine Caribbean meal, and give you insight into the home artistic design process.


Contact information:

Sofale Artistic Designs

Ph: 866-588-1648

Email: sofale.ellis@gmail.com

Website: www.portfolios.com/elementsofstyle


Chef Lisa Michelle

Ph:  240-316-1638

Email:  evolving1chef@yahoo.com


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  1. You’re a wonderful video journalist. Your productions are creative, entertaining and informative and you articulate so well. Wishing you the very best in all your endeavours.

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