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If you are a fitness lover like I am you are willing to try anything….. once…. maybe even twice if the first time doesn’t work out. Alas I have tried yoga a good 16 times and every time I have gotten distracted.  Now yoga is definitely a powerful workout that requires focus but it is something about music that sounds like the back drop to a silent monk’s lifestyle that puts me to sleep every time.  SO imagine my elation upon finding out there is a yoga instructor that has a real live Old Skool R&B and Rap DJ in one of her classes. So I signed up!!! Now this isn’t just any old yoga instructor.  It’s Kim Da-Soulful Yogi.  Kim has managed to marry her love of eclectic music to ancient movements.  So imagine being in downward dog and hearing Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest coming on.  Yes you feel me. you get the urge to sway your bum from side to side and guess what?  My soulful guru yoga instructor encourages you too.  In that moment you forget just how not flexible you are not and you are just lost in the groove. No longer focused on the fact that your heels aren’t touching the floor and you are about as flexible as a frozen rubber band.

Kim also is the innovator of Supple Yoga! Supple Yoga is hatha-vinyasa yoga to a Prince soundtrack. Soft light and a purple serenity mist of (aromatherapy) while in savasana. Its open level.

If you would like to get into yoga but want a more innovative class then Kim Da-Soulful Yoga is who you need to learn from.  (And if my blog isn’t enough to convince you her cellulite free awesome yoga bootie will convince you!)

Catch her at the following venues:

Mondays, 9 I Street SW, Randall Community Center 6-7pm Beginner’s Level 1.

Fridays (once a month) Yoga Loft Party, Embrace with Faith Hunter Yoga, 1650 Columbia Rd, NW 2nd floor 7-8:30pm Open Level.

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