Lansdowne Resort and Spa – A Destination in our Backyard

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 I usually make my blog posts about venues, experiences, and other things pretty central to DC.  However, I MUST, divulge on my latest experience at a Destination Spa pretty much in our own backyard: Lansdowne Resort and Spa.

When my husband first told me he booked us a weekend at Lansdowne, I was immediately apprehensive and for good reason! 1) This would be our first time leaving Baby Luc for an entire weekend and though it was needed I was anticipating the withdrawal symptoms I was sure to have.  2) I really need to reorganize my closets.  3) Day weekends are the only time I can even pretend to get such a job done.  He told me about the massage he scheduled.  For those that know me, I find it a real challenge to relax and do nothing. So much a challenge that I actually begin to have anxiety.

But upon first arriving at the resort, all of my anxieties began to melt away. When you pull up you are greeted by the most kindliest concierge and staff ever. I mean it is borderline Stepford Wifish. They are either paying these people extremely well or they have some kind of happy helpful chip implanted in their brains.  The valet, the concierge, the front desk person: EVERYONE is excited and happy to help you.

The grounds are stunning!  It occupies almost 500 acres and you get views of the Potomac and Sugar Loaf Mountain.  Makes for an awesome backdrop for weddings and just relaxing.  The golf course boasts three unique courses for a total of 45 championship holes. There are 2 pools, one for families and one that is adults only.  There are four different restaurants on the campus to gratify any palate and the cookies and ice cream from room service is the best!  There is a very extensive gym (that we actually utilized) tennis and basketball courts.  But the absolute best feature is the state of the art Spa Minerale.

Spa Minerale is a 12,000 sq ft spa that has over 13 treatment rooms.  The décor is designed to calm you as soon as you enter. The sounds of Asian inspired music with heavy oboes and sounds of the ocean delight your ears. Hints of sandalwood and lavender are in the air.  No sense goes ignored here.  Cucumber water and a variety of teas are accessible for your enjoyment.  I explained to my massage therapist how difficult it is for me to relax and especially difficult for me to relax and let strangers touch me.  I shared that the only massage I have ever really enjoyed was hot stone.  She explained to me that I because hot stone depresses your nervous system and forces you to relax and she would use techniques for “someone like me”. HA!! But boy did she ever.  I came out of that place an entirely different woman.  All thoughts of closet cleaning were gone.  I could stay in that spa forever.  I mean it’s 12,000 square feet.  It would take them at least a week to find me!

Lansdowne is full service luxury destination resort in the heart of wine country. It is the recipient of the AAA Four-Diamond Award in every year of its existence, and I understand why.  Please find time to put this destination on your to do list.

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