May Mash-up: Bread Pudding Wars

Saturday May 24, 2014 marked JadoreDC’s inaugural Mash-up.  I was joined by friend/subscribers Jackie and Tavia for a journey through the city on a palatable excursion.  And I must say I have had enough bread pudding to last me until…. until…. well at least until next week and then I will be ready for more!!!

So we started with a serving from one of my favorite restaurants:  Bayou. (We forgot to take a picture). Now I love Bayou’s food and I have been to New Orleans and have had bread pudding to die for while in the city.  This bread pudding was NOT reminiscent of New Orleans.

Tavia: “OMG They should call this egg pudding!”  Jackie “Ugh I can’t eat this! The texture is like egg sponge.” Me:   🙁


Our next taste test was at one of the newer spots in the U Street Corridor “New Town”.  We were lucky enough to meet the chef/ owner Chef Howsoom Cham who was very interested in our opinions.  Well he wasn’t disappointed and neither were we!!!! His special bread pudding reminded me of what comes out of my Mommy’s kitchen.


Tavia: “This texture is just right!” (sounding like a page out of Goldi Locks). Jackie: “I love the flavor and how warm it is.”  The icing on the cake (or shall we say bread pudding lol) is the scoop of cinnamon ice cream on top.  A perfect pairing.

Next was a stop at Busboys and Poets.  I must say that we found the texture to be interesting.  Not necessarily spongy but just a tad mushy or undone.  The ice cream had an amaretto flavor which was actually pretty good but that was the highlight.


Finally we stopped at Eatonville where I just knew we would be blown away.  NOT!  The texture was mushy, the flavor was bland, it had cold pears in between the layers,  and it was topped with some kind of alcohol infused ice cream with a horrible after taste. #Fail. We each had one bite and gave up.


Hands down we found the bread pudding at New Town to be the BEST. It was the perfect temperature, perfect flavor, and a really sufficient portion size. We were also able to taste the peach cobbler which had a sophisticated spin to your grandmas recipe.  I am eager to try more desserts from Chef Howsoom Cham. The brunch menu there is actually quite enticing as well.




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