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Do you remember the line in Coming to America when Eddie Murphy blurted out “I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE”?  Well that was me this weekend … literally… like for real.  The children were gone for the weekend and after years of trying to make it up to Baltimore to go to Miss Shirley’s Brunch Cafe, I finally made it.  I mean when we parked in front of the place I felt like I had made it to the final level of Candy Crush (is there a final level to Candy Crush or do they just keep adding on to enslave us to the game?).  So the first thing I say to the hostess is “I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE”?  I mean it just rolled out of my mouth. I had no control over it.  But to my delight she replied in a very sincere way that matched my enthusiasm “WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO HAVE YOU HERE!”  Well alright lets get down to business!!!

Although Miss Shirley’s has 2 additional locations, Baltimore Harbor and Annapolis, I wanted to go to this one as it is the original and most times the original is the best.  Also I love old quaint areas.  It is situated in the most darling of neighborhoods in Roland Park.  You enter and its bright and airy, with families dining, college students, couples, essentially every dynamic. We were immediately seated and were assigned the most attentive of servers.

Now let me tell you the menu at Miss Shirley’s is plum ridiculous with options.  Once upon a time not too long ago this would have been ok for me.  But because I have been trying to drop baby weight, my poor little belly cannot attack food with the same fervor of yester year.  But I still earnestly attempt.  We decided to order 2 dishes and share:  pancakes  and a trio of sliders served with grits made with apple smoked bacon.   I know you are probably thinking we could have been more adventurous than pancakes but when I tell you those were the best pancakes ever.  Even the husband noted that there was a hint of something magically extra in them but we couldnt place our finger on what. The 3 sliders were House-Made Pulled Pork with local Chesapeake BBQ & Cheddar Cheese;  Applewood-Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Cheese; and Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper  & Goat Cheese, all with Scrambled Eggs on Mini Challah Rolls.  Can You say DELICIOUS!!!!

Below are some of the dishes of the month that we didnt get to try (but we shall):

Pancake of the Month

Sweet Potato Pancakes topped with Mini Marshmallows & Pecans, garnished with Cinnamon drizzle & Powdered Sugar

French Toast of the Month

Thanksgiving Stuffed French Toast; Stuffed with Smoked Turkey, Cornbread Stuffing & Sweet Potato Mash, served with Cranberry Cherry Compote & Gravy

Omelet of the Month

Eggplant Parmigiana Omelet; Grilled Eggplant, Fresh Basil Diced Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Parmesan, garnished with Fresh Mozzarella & Marinara Sauce

There is so much on the menu at Miss Shirley’s that it will take a number of trips for me to try everything.  But they say life is not fully enjoyable unless you set goals for yourself so I am going to try my darndest to sample it all!!!!! And i will preface each and every visit with “I AM VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE”!!!

Miss Shirley’s Cafe


Roland Park

513 W. Cold Spring Lane

Baltimore, MD 21210


Inner Harbor

750 E. Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD 21202



1Park Place

Annapolis, MD 21401


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  1. Great read! Being that me and my wife are breakfast fans, this a place that we will both will probably enjoy our future day date.

    • I love how you guys go on dates!!! There is a wine bar not too far called 13.5. We enjoyed that too and they have great specials on wine tastings and cheese pairings!

  2. My first experience with Miss Shirley was the Roland Park location. It was a great one.. so much so that I convinced my friends to go.. we went to the one at the Inner Harbor and had the worst experience ever.. to include a rat who decided to join us and by join us I mean on the table and thru our food! The managers response was NOT acceptable and they were rude! After that I had vowed I would NEVER patron this restaurant ever again.. Even after writing a letter to their corporate office with NO RESPONSE. A few of my friends are trying to convince me to give Annapolis a try or go back to the one in Roland Park.. I don’t think I can do it.. bad taste left in my mouth from their customer service. but glad you enjoyed.. the food is definitely great

    • EEEKKKK.I am sad to hear about that experience- I have found that rats that hangout at water front restaurants are a different breed. Just go to Georgetown. I was just chased by 2 two weeks ago!!! But you should have received much better treatment and response from management!!!

    • I’m down. It will help with my goal of trying everything on the menu. Plus they have tons of yummy coffee drinks for you#

  3. Outstanding read! Literally down the street from me & I haven’t been yet either – now I’m inspired!

    • Really? I like that neighborhood so much. If I lived closer you guys would be sick of me lol

  4. Wow! You really have such an insightful overview of Miss Shirley’s menu options and I am salacious in anticipation to try for myself.
    Your description was so vivid and appealing.
    Kudos to Jadore and don’t stop informing in such an entertaining manner!

  5. We are very sorry to hear about your disappointing experience at one of our locations. It is our hope that all of our guests leave our restaurants completely satisfied with their experience, and we regret that this was not the case with your last visit.

    Please know that we take guest complaints very seriously. As far as we know, this incident was never brought up to our Management Team, and our corporate office received no correspondence about your unsatisfying experience. Did you complete the guest survey, which is included in all of our check presenters? To our knowledge, we have also seen no guest comments that correspond to a situation of this kind.

    Still, we are not taking this situation lightly. We pride ourselves in maintaining clean, comfortable and well-maintained premises for our guests; and had our Management Team been informed, we would have handled the situation immediately.

    We sincerely apologize that you and your guest were unable to enjoy your meals. We can assure you that this is not typical of our service.

    If you would please email Marketing@MissShirleys.com, we would love to speak with you about your experience and look into the situation further, in hopes that you will choose to dine with us again in the future.


    Miss Shirley’s Management Company

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