Nomad Yard Collectiv- A Vintage Haven




This month’s post was truly a blast to shoot!!!!  I joined with someone whose creativity and selflessness inspires me daily.  Owner of Taylor and York Salon, Ashleigh Taylor. Ashleigh and I both love the unique experience of vintage shopping.   If you love vintage clothing you are going to love this blog post!!!!  Vintage fashion has been on the rise for various reasons.  1)People want original looking pieces.  2) Clothing found in vintage shops are usually very well made. 3) You can luck up on deals like a Christian Lacroix lace body suit for $100 instead of $1000.  More and more vintage shops are opening in the area.  I recently wandered into the most fabulous, eclectic, stunning vintage shop yet: Nomad Yard Collectiv.  After my first visit, I knew I had to return to interview the curator and creator Desirée Venn Frederic to get to the mind behind the magic of this store.  I have never seen so many beautiful pieces in one place.  At one point I tried on a dress and felt like I’d been transported to another place. I felt rich and luxurious. Once upon a time that’s what clothes did for you. They were not mass produced and each piece was special.  Watch the video and see what you get when you go to Nomad Yard Collectiv. (Go soon!)  Also vote Nomad Yard Collectiv as DC’s Best Vintage Shop



411 New York Ave, NE

Washington, DC 20002


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