Sette Osteria- An Italian Classic

Since I began writing a lifestyle blog I seemed to have gotten caught up in writing about the “next best, trendiest, and hottest” venues.  I lost sight that this blog is about the best of the best in DC and sometimes that will mean some old,  tried and true establishments.   After all as my neighbor says, “there is a reason a restaurant has been around forever”.  So I decided that this week’s family dinner would be a restaurant I have walked by for years on my way to my regular Dupont Circle haunts.  Sette Osteria.  There is a very large patio for outdoor dining.  For years I have walked by this patio and admired their wine glasses,  (I have a penchant for nice wine glasses)  and the restaurant was always bustling with customers seemingly having a really great time.  I noticed there would usually be a fair share amount of families dining there as well, which as you all know is greatly important to me considering Luc is always on my hip.

When I arrived to the restaurant, the other half of our party hadn’t arrived yet. The host still sat us. That’s extra points in my eyes as many restaurants in DC will not seat you until every last person in your party has arrived.  You could have reservations for 10 but if only 8.5 of you are there, you are so out of luck!  True to Italian custom, dinner was a very familial affair.  The general manager continuously checked on us and played with the children. There was a table of 10 seated behind us. They had at least 4 bottles of wine and 16 wine glasses. For a moment I was reminded of a lunch my husband and I shared in the Tuscan countryside. Plenty of wine!  It just felt so right.  Not fancy, just homey and comfortable.

Feeling so warm and relaxed, I decided to go with an Italian comfort food (I suppose that’s redundant as most Italian food is comforting).  But gnocchi is a favorite of mine.  If a restaurant messes up you gnocchi NEVER EVER return.  I wasn’t dissapointed Texture, temperature and portion size were all just perfect.  Then I  trurned to my husbands plate.  Braised short ribs, green beans and carrots, and fingerling potatoes.  Ok let me break here and say, I may have to stop bringing my husband with me to these great spots.  When we go to average restaurants, he makes me feel loved by sharing all of his food with me.  However, I have noticed that when the food is delectable, I get one bite. One bite!  I mean I cannot very well decipher all of the different flavors off of one bite.  But yep he doesn’t share and he won’t even make eye contact with me until his plate is clean.  So much for what’s yours is mine.  But of that one little piece of meat he did share, I am able to say that was the most succulent rib ever.  I just got the chills thinking about it.  My cousin ordered the braised short rib ravioli which just as succulent and fortunately she likes to share.  Her husband ordered the “Filetto Di Manzo”- filet mignon.  And once again I was not permitted to sample at my wish.  But according to him the steak melted like butter in his mouth!

The menu is quite extensive with all of the Italian faves: antipasto, flat breads, pastas, and pizza.  It makes sense, it ain’t broken so there is nothing to fix. This place is a sure bet when you want some good food and good company!


Sette1 Sette2 Sette3

Sette Osteria

1666 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20009

Tel: 202-483-3070
Fax: 202-483-3074


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