Uncle Chip’s, Funky Cheese (w/poprocks!), and a Freakshow- A Day in the DMV

Uncle Chips Uncle Chips2 Uncle Chips3

Creamed Butter Topped with Pop Rocks & a Sandwich Paying Homage to Gandolfini

I was supposed to do this blog post over a week ago.  I got a little hung up trying to think of ways to make the post cheeky and clever.  I read my initial post and the first part was over 3 paragraphs long.  Then I thought “I don’t need 3 paragraphs just to tell you guys that I have found the best damned (yes I cussed- I know I rarely do but sometimes you just have to) cookies in the entire DMV!”.  I just need to say exactly that.  I was driving down North Capitol Street headed to dinner on Capitol Hill when I saw a very awkward turquoise colored row house with the biggest freaking “COOKIE” sign I have ever seen.  With a sign that big I assumed the cookies had to be ridiculously delicious or else I would petition to have that sign removed.  However the sign must remain.  For every cookie lover needs to see it.  The cookies offered by Uncle Chip’s are insanely delicious. They are so large I didn’t get to try them all but I did try the oatmeal raisin and double chocolate chip.  I had to force myself not to eat them all so I could share with my dinner date!  Uncle Chip’s boasts of using natural whole ingredients but there is a secret ingredient they won’t share.  I certainly hope it isn’t crack.  It tastes like it could be but that would be morally irresponsible on their part. They also have traditional chocolate chip, peanut butter, and chocolate dipped short bread cookies.  They also have an array of mouth watering deli sandwiches- my 2 favorite:

RIP James Gandolfini
Sliced Ham, Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone, Tomato,
Red Onion, Oil & Vinegar, Mayo and Hot Cherry Pepper Spread

Saigon Sam
Pulled Pork, Carrot, Cilantro, Spicy Peanut Sauce

Make sure you stop in  1514 North Capitol Street, NW

SonomaSonoma3 Sonoma2 Sonoma

My next stop was to an old sexy favorite  Sonoma- This is one of my faves as I am a big fan of ambience- I know that the “IN” crowd is always in the H Street Corridor and all up 14th Street, but sometimes you just want to unwind in a cool calm sexy venue with sexy murmurs (I’m not sure if you’re picking up what I am putting down but I know what I mean lol).  And not only that but they serve one of my new favorite Cabernets “The Freak Show” by Michael David Winery (thanks for putting me on to this Lori).

Sonoma is located at 223 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Our last stop was by happenstance-  While window shopping we saw Sona Creamery.  I love anything with the word “creamery”.  This place is heaven for wine and cheese lovers.  Sona is DC’s FIRST ONSITE CREAMERY.  The staff is not only super knowledgeable- but so very warm and friendly. Almost like they are taking sips of some pinot noir between tables!!!  We decided to partake in a small cheese sampling plate that consisted of some of the most flagrantly funky cheese ever!! That’s good for the cheese lovers!!! Not only that but we had some butter that was topped with lava salt and get this – pop rocks!!!! Yes the candy you grew up on that set firecrackers off in your mouth. DIVINE.  I was able to get a chenin blanc which many restaurants around here don’t seem to have.  This place is truly a new favorite for me and I cannot wait to get back there and possibly do an event.

Sona Creamery is located at 660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE


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